Inspired by tradition, brought to life by culinary explorers – Guanacaste Nights, February 21st, 4pm-10pm

These chef’s innovative mindset and the freshest ingredients meet Las Catalinas’ scenery for two mesmerizing days during Guanacaste Nights. Centered around the Costa Rican food scene and taking our guests beyond traditions, our celebration features the creations of seven chefs, all with a different perspective on the local cuisine. Our culinary celebration at Sentido Norte and the evening fiesta at Plaza Danta were both created with the same motto: representing Costa Rican flavors in the most unforgettable setting.

An Afternoon & Evening Centered Around the Senses – Culinary Celebration

On a magical Friday evening, Sentido Norte opens its doors to honor the finest local delicacies. Starting at the poolside with live entertainment and a view of Las Catalinas’ sunset, our guests will enjoy hors d’oeuvres with refreshing cocktails on the side.  After 6 pm, the event continues with a formal, 7-course dinner showcasing fantastic flavor combinations and the perfect wine pairings.

Looking to discover our guest Chefs’ unique take on traditions one bite at a time? We are taking over Plaza Danta with seven unique food stations where our chefs will be serving up a variety of appetizers. Enjoy different Guanacaste-inspired treats at every station, accompanied by our signature cocktails and live entertainment.

guanacaste nights las catalinas

The Chefs Who Make Guanacaste Nights Truly Special

From a passion for seafood to a love for European, African and Meso-American fusion cuisine, our chefs were drawn to the Guanacaste Nights for a range of reasons. One thing they all share in common is their expertise, blended with an experimental approach – all set to make these two nights stand out from the rest.

Jose Lopez
Chef Ryan Hardy
Chef Gilberto Briceño Las Catalinas
Jaak Toomsalu
Chef Mawa McQueen
Chef Demian Geneau
chef Monica Phillips