Time flies, especially when you’re on vacation. Tabacón wants to take the planning off of you and let you be surprised by something unexpected!

The concept of Ephemeral Table, your five senses will be completely envolved in a culinary experience far away from the ordinary. There will be no glass or wall separating  you from the kitchen, you will have front row seats where you can see and smell the preparation of your dishes and why not, interact with the chef who will be leading the preparation of your special menu!


The stage will take place in the heart of the forest, specifically in a private bungalow exclusively for you and your companions. In this magical setting, an exclusive a chef will be responsible of making a 6-course menu selection base on your food preferences and restrictions. The perfect atmosphere to enjoy the vibrancy of the kitchen while dining in a private enclave!

Executive Chef Guillermo Manolo Castillo the created the concept of Ephemeral Table from the need to create an experience that broke the traditional idea of knowing what the person is going to eat. Paring between food and drink can be provided without people knowing the exact dishe that will come to their table and the creation of these dishes exclusively for your taste!