One of the most scenic parts of the country is the Central Highlands, where sweeping vistas of the misty mountains adorned by sloping coffee plantations dot the landscape.

Here, the unique high elevation forests are a fresh, exotic wonderland resting within the clouds. Algae, mosses and lichens get a foothold on the continually wet branches and tree trunks, providing a place for orchids, bromeliads, ferns and innumerable other plants to cling to. Among the cloud forest’s unique inhabitants are sprightly hummingbirds, giant Morpho Blue butterflies and the legendary Resplendent Quetzal.

Monteverde Reserve is a private sanctuary located high on the Continental Divide where eight ecological life zones protect hundreds of species of birds, butterflies, mammals and thousands of plant species.

Rich with like flora and fauna and only an hour  from San Jose, Los Angeles Cloud Private Biological Reserve also yields dozen of medicinal plants and hundreds of species now found in only 2.5% of the cloud forests remaining on the planet.

Tucked away in the valley between Poás and Viejo Volcano about 90 minutes from San Jose, the tiny town Bajos del Toro hosts the Juan Castro Blanco National Park and the Bosque de Paz Rain/Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. Relatively untraveled and undiscovered, the natural beauty of waterfalls, rivers and abundant wildlife create an exclusive escape for nature enthusiasts.

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