Considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica, the Central Pacific region is just a short distance from the San Jose airport, making it also one of the most accessible.

Despite being so close to San Jose, this area is like finding a treasure in one’s pocket. It is a beautiful oasis with an castaway’s feeling of luxurious isolation thanks to its beautiful beaches (known for its surfing activities and views of migrating whales and dolphins) sports fishing, ample sunbathing, and rich tropical forest (both wet and dry).

The resort town of Quepos is a favorite for those who want local food and culture. But the big crowd pleaser is nearby Manuel Antonio National Park (closed Mondays). It features lush, dense forestation and a stunning shoreline ideal for swimming or bird watching.  (in fact, Manuel Antonio National Park attracts the highest number of visitors in the country.) This ecological nirvana is home to many endemic species of plant and animal life, including endangered squirrel monkeys and scarlet macaws.

The close proximity to San Jose, combined with rich biodiversity and wealth of activities make the Central Pacific an ideal choice for families or any adventurer seeking the quintessential Costa Rica experience in a single destination.

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