Crocodile Bay Fishing Report


Crocodile Bay - December/January 2019 Fishing Report ————— The month of December, and especially our Christmas week, is family time here at Crocodile Bay Resort [...]

Crocodile Bay Fishing Report2020-02-18T10:56:50-05:00

Ride the Waves at Latitude 10


Ride the Waves at Latitude 10 Resort in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica Great for: Families, Honeymooners, Avid and New Surfers, Wellness Travelers Surfing is [...]

Ride the Waves at Latitude 102020-02-17T14:05:43-05:00

Mountain Bike Festival, Las Catalinas


Join the 3-day celebration that includes competition, relaxed rides and a weekend of good food, drink, and music.  May 22, 23 and 24, 2020 [...]

Mountain Bike Festival, Las Catalinas2020-02-17T13:24:54-05:00

Sophisticated, Sexy and Sustainable- Kura


There aren’t many hotels out there that could call themselves sophisticated, sexy and sustainable. Sure, there are hotels and resorts that might qualify under one or [...]

Sophisticated, Sexy and Sustainable- Kura2020-02-17T13:19:17-05:00

Guanacaste Nights-February 21st, 4pm-10pm


Inspired by tradition, brought to life by culinary explorers – Guanacaste Nights, February 21st, 4pm-10pm These chef's innovative mindset and the freshest ingredients meet [...]

Guanacaste Nights-February 21st, 4pm-10pm2020-02-03T12:59:44-05:00

Ephemeral Table Concept at Tabacon


WHEN THE UNEXPECTED BECOMES UNFORGETTABLE AT TABACON … Time flies, especially when you’re on vacation. Tabacón wants to take the planning off of you [...]

Ephemeral Table Concept at Tabacon2020-01-29T14:26:36-05:00

Crocodile Bay Fishing Report


BIG NEWS from Crocodile Bay's Captain Todd Staley. The Dorado (dolphinfish) finally showed up! They historically arrive in good numbers around the 1st of [...]

Crocodile Bay Fishing Report2020-01-27T18:04:39-05:00

Experience Casa Chameleon


What an experience visiting Casa Chameleon! Set on a lush hillside in a modern stone and wood building with breathtaking views of the Pacific [...]

Experience Casa Chameleon2020-01-20T13:57:26-05:00
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